Deauville CPEDI*** : The British set the rhythm!

High point of the weekend, the Freestyle this Sunday concluded the 7th edition of the Deauville CPEDI***. Only the best, following the first two days of competition, taking the start blocks in this final day of competition. Unsur…
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7 editions, 7 British victories!

The 7th Deauville CPEDI*** kicked off yesterday at the Pôle International du Cheval! 49 competitors from 18 different nations were in the starting blocks for this major international event organised by the Handi Equi’ Compet as…
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The Deauville CPEDI*** : fast approaching !

The Pôle International du Cheval is preparing to welcome the elite of international paradressage riders for the 7th edition of the Deauville CPEDI***. From the 31st March to the 2nd of April, this event, which has become unmissab…
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Full victory for Sophie Wells ! !

It was in music that this 6th edition of the Deauville CPEDI*** drew to a close : the best riders of the weekend, qualified following the combined results of the Team Test and the Individual Championship Test, battled it out in th…
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Welcome to Handi Equi' Compet's website

Founded in 2007, Handi Equi’ Compet aims to give every para-equestrian rider the possibility of discovering and reaching para-equestrian competition. From beginners to the highest-level, from club/national competitions to the Paralympic Games , the missions of Handi Equi’ Compet are to allow new riders to join the non-profit making organisation and to help them improve their riding skills through training courses, advice, and access to suitable competitions in para-equestrian dressage and para-equestrian show jumping.

Handi Equi’ Compet is :

The development of two equestrian disciplines

- Para-equestrian dressage             - Para-equestrian show jumping

Three areas of involvement

- Competition             - Training Courses          - Detecting future competitors

Contributing to the promotion, support and development of para-equestrian activities in France, Handi Equi’ Compet is directed at people with physical and/or sensory impairment. The non-profit organization pursues various actions such as:

Support for para-equestrian competitors

By providing logistic, financial and psychological support, the organization allows the riders self-fulfilment, and the opportunity to improve their riding skills, whatever their level, with the objective of competing.

Helping para-equestrian riders to compete

With the help and approval of  three French organisations, the  IFCE (French Horse and Riding Institute), the FFH (French Handisport Federation) and the FFE (French Equestrian Federation), Handi Equi’ Compet has created two competitions circuits : a national circuit of para-equestrian show jumping and a regional circuit of para-equestrian dressage competitions.

These circuits allow the athletes to improve their riding through access to competition, but also offer the chance for new riders to discover and participate in para-equestrian competitions.

These competitions are organized following traditional competition formats, but the competitors can nevertheless benefit from the use of specific measures (vocal guidance, special saddles or reins…), as long as these measures are compatible with safety.

Maintaining riders’ motivation and improving technical skills

To prepare the athletes for national competitions and also for major international events, the association organizes training courses all year round. These gatherings are essential to improve the level of the riders and their horses, to create a real team spirit, and to maintain the riders’ motivation.

Helping riding centres to organize para-equestrian competitions

By being in contact with the Regional Riding Committees, their para-equestrian representatives, as well as with competition organisers, Handi Equi' Compet contributes to the regional development of para-equestrian competitions. Thus, all over France, more and more (jumping and dressage) able-bodied competitions are including para-equestrian classes.